LoweCo. is all about fun messages with a crisp and elegant delivery. Because our paper is embossed for texture, you can truly "feel the Lowe". Whether you want to remind a loved one that you care or only worry about signing your name and letting the cards speak for themselves, you (and the recipient) are in for a treat. A refreshing, delicious treat.

Created by Catherine Lowe in Dallas, TX.

Our Story

"When I was in the courting stage with Sean Lowe on season 17 of ABC's The Bachelor, I passed him little quirky notes that told him that I was thinking about him--in a strange and hopefully unique way. We're married, so he musta liked 'em ;) With my design background and affinity for witty captions, this is the collaboration for my passions. (And the new perfect-for-puns last name doesn't hurt!)

My first note to Sean,"I'm vegan but I love the beef" morphed into the now popular "Your tush is the only one I wanna squish" and a simple kiss mark to let him know I was ready to be smacked in the face with his lips turned into an I love you symbol in American Sign Language. I like to make a statement with the least words possible. I hope you see that through the collection of cards and gifts we offer. And they're not just for your crush :)

Our 3x3 cards (we call these pocos) are perfect for saying "I Love You", "I Miss You" or "From (insert name here)" and were the original size I used to sneak cards to Sean during filming. Use them as a chic alternative to gift tags or labels or as place-cards for the most high-end of dinner parties. Hide in your man's suit jacket, stick in your girlfriend's clutch, place on your boyfriend's pillow.

Our 5x5s (aka machos) are for times you have more to divulge. Mail to your fun Aunt Liza on her birthday, jot a funny poem for your lover, tell a treasured friend at length what they mean to you. This heavy card-stock is worthy of framing so choose your message carefully and practice your handwriting. 

In a time crunch? Starting September 1st, allow us to cut the shipping time in half by scribing your message on a selected macho card and sending directly to the recipient.

LoweCo. means crazy, so get to it!"

- Catherine (nee Giudici) Lowe