Will You Be My Valenmine?

Our Valenmine cards are perfect to hand to a loved one on this special day. Your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend or husband who also happens to be your best friend will just adore this beautiful card.


Our "VALENMINE" poco nestled in a bed of flowers by Dallas'  GRO Floral and Event Design .

Our "VALENMINE" poco nestled in a bed of flowers by Dallas' GRO Floral and Event Design.


Valentine's Day to me is about spreading love, making love and also making fun of love. Every memorable gift I've ever received--whether it was a jar of lotion or a beautiful necklace--came with a card. Cards that are intentional for the relationship you have with a person make lasting impressions. Our Be Valenmine cards create the best canvas for crafting the perfect letter (or signature) to someone you love, like or tolerate on this holiday.

Ideas on where to place this unique showstopper on V-Day: At a bedside table when your mate wakes up, as place cards for your guests while hosting a rebellious anti-Valentine's day party, daintily on top of that expensive pair of earrings (or cufflinks) you so generously purchased, in a bouquet of flowers you bought your sweet mom or BFF, in your husband's coat pocket before your big evening out... if you chose another spot, comment below. 

Oh, and it's also one of my mom's favorite of my cards. So, yeah.



Where to get: Both sizes available online at The Factory Girl and in select Dallas boutiques. The Factory Girl also hosts five other sayings in our two sizes that would be wonderful to add on top of their other Valentine's Day inspired gifts. But they're limited quantities and Valentine's Day is oh-so close so get yours before it's too late.

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