"My mom is like really nice."

For my mom's 29th birthday, she asked that we give a seat for our upcoming event CALLIGRAPH-HAAAY to someone who tells us a story. Not just any story, but one of gratitude. These are her words: 

"In honor of my birthday, I'd like to donate a seat in the Calligraphy Class on 11/12. Like [a contest] for a student to honor a teacher or a grandchild to honor their grandmother or a daughter to honor her mother or something to do with veterans."

My mom is a teacher who is caring for her elderly mother (my grandmother) and is my mother, and her father was a veteran, so they all relate to who my mother is. I get it, Mom. You want me to honor you. So for those of you who want to attend our event on November 12th but maybe don't have the resources, Marms' gotchu. 

Tell us your appreciation story below and my mom will choose the lucky person to perfect their calligraphy skills alongside her daughter (me, Catherine Lowe). Since we know that not everyone is in the DFW area, we will choose one second-place winner who will receive five cards of their choice. How's that for a giveaway?

Also, just an idea, but if you win and don't want to attend alone, you could split the cost of another seat with that BFF of yours so you're both winners. The two winners for this giveaway will be announced October 26th, which is a week from today - so get to sharing! And GO MARMS / IT'S YA BIRTHDAY :)

Disclaimer: She had another idea that involved making a mad lib out of LoweCo.'s sayings, but it got a little lost in translation, so we went with this option.

To find all the details about CALLIGRAPH-HAAAY, click here.

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