Teach Appreach

This week at LoweCo. we are celebrating teachers.

Yes, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Or what we like to call Teach Appreach.

We want to recognize the teachers that were patient with us, the ones that made learning fun and even the ones that were tough but made you better. We wanna hear about them.

Teachers are near and dear to Catherine's heart. Her mom has been an interpreter for the deaf/hard of hearing and special education teacher since Catherine can remember; following her daughters to each school they attended just to be closer. Her sister Monica is also a teacher, previously working in San Francisco and currently Barcelona teaching middle school to bilingual students. Although Catherine doesn't personally have the patience to be a teacher, she appreciates them so very much that this giveaway really comes from her heart.

SO HOW DO YOU ENTER TO WIN? Comment below with your favorite teacher's name and the reason why they are the coolest and they could win one of our elegant THANKS, YOU Gift Sets and you will get a little something for submitting the winning teacher. Because we're cool like that ;)

Our THANKS, YOU gift set

Our THANKS, YOU gift set

WHAT DO THEY/YOU WIN? Our THANKS, YOU Gift Sets include 10 macho cards/envelopes, 10 poco cards/envelopes and a special acrylic box your teacher can use for many years to come. For submitting the winning teacher, you get a pack of three pocos of your choosing and the honor of handing over a gift valued at $150 to your favorite teacher. Sounds good, right?

We will announce the winner Monday May 9th in the comments below so enter before Monday and keep coming back to check if you won!