Nifty Gifties

Gifts are an expression of your affinity for the receiver. That relationship could be romantic, platonic, friendly, cordial but gifts are meant to make people smile and feel appreciated. And OUR gift sets really make people feel special.

Each of our somewhat customizable gift sets come with 10 pocos cards/envelopes, 10 machos cards/envelopes and a chic acrylic box to house them. This box is a custom square shape created to hold our cards and anything worth keeping safe. That means when you run out of the cards, you can place your nice keepsakes for display since it's acrylic. Or you can just get more cards to replace them.

Now, what we mean by "somewhat customizable" is that you can pick which cards go in your gift set. THANKS, YOU is always a great option because you always need a good thank you card. Or maybe you're someone who is doling out YOUR TUSH IS THE ONLY ONE I WANNA SQUISH like they're free pamphlets on the street. Whatever floats your boat. We won't judge, because you obviously have good taste since you're on our site.

Who we think deserves a gift set from you:

Hostess Gift  • Graduation Gift • Thank You Gift • Gift for your Boss • Birthday Gift • Gift for your Mom • Gift for your Sister • Wedding Gift • Surprise Gift • Gift for You

Yep, lots of things happen year-round so you should just have one ready at any time. Aka order a gift set today!

So, happy shopping! Tag us on IG @lowe_co and on Twitter @loweco_ or with #loweco when you get them to show us how you use them. We love to see where our babies ended up :)



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