Gift Guide: For Grads

It's graduation season and those grads need some gifts! Whether they're at the top of their class or they barely graduated, reward them for the last 12 to 20 years they had to sit through classes and group assignments and midnight study breaks. They all deserve a little something for surviving that teacher who put them through hell and it shouldn't just be in the form of a lesson to handle their upcoming professors or bosses. Let's just give them the last nice thing they'll own in a while. Here are our picks for what they'll want and need in the coming reality-check months:

1 Nordstrom Gift Card Whether the grad is a young man, woman or they're stylish or not, Nordstrom always has it all. They'll be interviewing for jobs, wanting to feel more grown-up or trying to outfit their new apartments (or parent's house) so a gift card is ideal for that kind of range. They could pick up some staples, business go-tos and a throw blanket all from your super awesome gift.

2 The Container Store Gift Card Your grad is going to need some serious organizing, that's for sure. Even if their new place is a loft, they'll have areas for an office (table doubling as a desk), bed (crash pad doubling as a sofa) and bathroom (sink doubling as a shower). Storage will be tricky and The Container has so many solutions for that and more.

3 Paper, Paper, Money, Money Old school, classic, never-a-disappointment gifting.

4 LoweCo.'s CONGRADS Cards A perfect accent to any of these gift ideas, our machos and pocos will also shine on their own. Our flat (and heavy stock) 5x5 machos would sit wonderfully atop an Apple iPad or Mophie box or some cash would make a statement through our glama (semi-translucent) envelopes. The folded 3x3 pocos could make a portfolio bag pop even more and continue the chic nature of that type of gift. All you have to do is give them a little unsolicited advice, sign your name and voila! They'll forget the debt they're probably swimming in and the internship they're waiting to hear back from. Yes, our cards are that magical.

LoweCo.'s CONGRADS flat 5x5 macho card.

LoweCo.'s CONGRADS flat 5x5 macho card.

5 Apple iPad Mini 4 This sleek little device is for the grad who loves to get noticed, even if it happens to be while working. They'll probably just be taking killer pics of their new pad, new job or their new view from a coffee shop, but it'll all be in style. You love them and they'll feel that with this versatile graduation present.

6 Mophie Juice Pack Ultra for iPhone 6s/6 in Gloss White Another gadget that stuns. This easy attachment to their unnatural extremity will make it even more attached to their hand. It provides 150% extra battery life and even though they'd probably rather get stabbed than drop or break their phone, if a freak accident (or gravity) happens, this case has a hard exterior shell that refuses to quit.

7 Amazon Fire TV Stick These days, we know people are opting for streaming instead of cable for their TV needs. Since your grad will make wifi a priority, solve the problem of having them choose between food and cable. Between job interviews, during a college gap year or just to destress for the summer before reality sets in, all graduates deserve some down time with a little (or a lot) of binge watching.

8 Paul Smith Leather Portfolio Bag in Red For the most stylish of male ex-students heading into the world of professionalism, this bag will be a conversation starter in interviews and meetings alike. This gift is for a guy who really took the investment into their studies seriously and give them a reason to take their next chapter in the same manner.

9 Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Tote in Damier Azur Canvas Capacious but not bulky, structured yet supple, this designer bag is for the grad on the Dean's List or a valedictorian headed for a CEO spot. It's practical and chic for any meeting and to get to and fro their apartment to the office. She can stash her laptop, wallet and even her work heels in this spacious tote. You obviously love this lady so remind her by hiding a LoweCo. poco in one of the pockets so she finds it when she's packing it for her first day in the real world!

Our CONGRADS folded 3x3 poco card

Our CONGRADS folded 3x3 poco card

Happy Giving!

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