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We know, we know, with this new year you've vowed to eat better and move more. But on your list is probably 'save more money', are we right? Well, we want to help you reach your goal and even do a bit more for ya. 

Our New Year, All Year Macho Pack features 12 macho size cards, 12 corresponding opaque envelopes and 12 stamps.

Our New Year, All Year Macho Pack features 12 macho size cards, 12 corresponding opaque envelopes and 12 stamps.

Our new New Year, All Year Packs (in Standard and Deluxe) solve your problem all year of being unprepared for special occasions. We've all been there, "Shoot! It's so-and-so's birthday and we totally forgot to get her anything! Swing by CVS so we can pick her up at least a card." What if you already had a beautiful card in your possession that made it seem like it was meant for her since the day after her last birthday? We want your loved ones to feel that special. No rushing, no sub-par cards, no adding "belated" to the message.


"My mom used to have this box of cards for any type of occasion ranging from condolences to congratulations that she used to delicately and intentionally rifle through. These packs are inspired by her. She would always be very timely and thoughtful when a message should be communicated and every year I vow to be more like her. Here's to you, Marms!"
- Catherine Lowe


And maybe more importantly, our New Year, All Year Packs also save you moolah. Our Standard Pack is $35 less than if you were to buy the 12 stunning cards and stamps individually and our Deluxe saves you $54. This all sounds so amazing, right? Well, with one click of a button, you could make your resolutions to be more prepared and organized come true. And heck, this could begin a whole new Grown-up You who always seems to have it together.

Oh, and for all those of you who want to be better to the environment, we snuck in one (or two, in our Deluxe Pack) of our coveted Cards That Grow cards. Unavailable otherwise before we launch the initiative again in Spring, our packs are the only way to get a plantable card for months.

We also kept to our resolution to make our products more convenient for our customers and included a special stamp for each of your uniquely shaped cards in our Packs. A traditional first-class envelope requires $0.49 and a trip to the post office, but we included a $0.70 stamp for square envelopes and you don't need to bother with USPS at all - saving you time and energy. We want to be a part of why your 2018 really is becoming the best year yet. 


Have other resolutions? 

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