Cards That Grow: This Month

Our Cards That Grow collection launches 3/11 in Seattle.

Our Cards That Grow collection launches 3/11 in Seattle.

This month, we are launching Cards That Grow, an eco-friendly initiative featuring plant-able high-end greeting cards. These plant-able cards are made with 100% recycled paper embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. Think black-eyed susans, baby-blue eyes, Siberian wallflower.

Imagine a wildflower with a sweet message right on the blooms. After you’ve shared the card with a loved one, they can plant that very card and watch it bloom into a wildflower. Think of these grow-able cards as a gift within a gift; a present that any nature-loving, design-appreciating person will covet every season for years to come.


We are taking the same high-quality product that you know and love and bringing them to the next level with Cards That Grow.


This collection will consist of three blind-embossed cards with messages ‘HI.’, ‘HAPPY HAPPY’ and ‘IT’S A BIG DAY’. These three new cards will come in both of our unique sizes: a folded 3x3” (our poco) and a flat 5x5” (our macho). The pocos will be available for $7 and the machos will be available for $11. Each card will be accompanied with a recycled envelope and instructions on how to plant your paper.

We know how much you loved our HAPPY HAPPY print so we decided to give it to you in a card form and even better, a plant-able one. We also added HI. and IT'S A BIG DAY so you can give our grow-able cards to anyone for any occasion.

Let your words flourish on LoweCo.’s Cards That Grow.

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