Catherine's LoweCo. Picks for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here and we have some last-minute gift ideas for a one stop shop. Whether your mom is near you or not, we would love to be a part of your present. Our founder, Catherine Lowe, will be a second-time mom within the next couple weeks and would love to tell you her top picks for the moms in your life.

Modern Moms feature in Modern Luxury Dallas, May 2018.

Modern Moms feature in Modern Luxury Dallas, May 2018.

For more traditional moms -  Moms are well known for being timely and prepared. Our Thank You cards Gift Set is such a sustainable gift for the mothers who are your role model for a classy display of gratitude. Now available with first-class stamps for our uniquely-sized euro-flap envelopes to make mailing your cards super easy peezy.

We also just released our very popular New Year, All Year Macho Deluxe Pack that includes our chic cards for events that happen every year so it makes it super convenient for moms. My mom always had a box of cards for any occasion ready to be shared and I always admired that about her. This pack is for her!

For more modern moms - Modern moms are all about having the most unique pieces. Our Pearl Frame with embossed print couldn't be more one-of-a-kind. Hand-adorned with faux pearls and gold details by yours truly, none of our white frames are the same. Mom can stand it up at her vanity to be reminded of your love or hang it on the enviable gallery wall in her closet. We also offer our three prints in a LoweCo. signature Acrylic Frame which is a more modern but less feminine way to hang one of our chic 100% cotton prints.

Does the mom in your life host epic parties? Our Invites make the perfect gift for her next luxurious dinner party. Featuring "COME TO MY PARTY YOU DA YOU DA GUEST" blind-embossed on the front and gold-foil sections to write in the party details, it'll make every guest want to RSVP ASAP.

For long-distance moms - Our Direct Card Delivery program is perfect for the intention of sharing the special day together with the convenience of getting her a card quickly. Let me personally scribe your message to her, all you have to do is let us know which card she'd adore and a couple other details to make it happen.

For moms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - This Saturday, I'll be at Northpark Center's Akola Project store in Dallas from 1-2pm selling cards for those last minute gifters. I'll help you choose the perfect card and gift for your mom! Also, we are just recently available in Dr. Delphinium's shop on Lovers Lane so reserve a high-end bouquet delivery and one of our coveted plantable cards.

For all moms -  Our top selling cards for sweet sentiments on our thick 100% cotton card-stock are LOVELY, HAPPY and ILY . You should read each of the descriptions to see where my inspiration came from :)

All moms know what they like but not all people that are giving to said moms know what to get. How about a Gift Card so they can get our stationery when it launches this Fall or anything that's available right now on our site? Sounds like a stellar and fool-proof plan.


+ PLUS +

Ideas on what to write inside so the card is all you need for a gift - "Mom, let's do lunch on me. I love you so very very. Happy Mother's Day!" "You're the best mommy, I wanna treat you as much as you've treated me. Tell me when you can fit in a spa day and I'll make it happen." "Happy Mother's Day! You're such a great mom, you deserve it all. You really do. But would you settle for a facial? I love you!"

Best pens to write on our cards - Soy ink is best for our Cards That Grow collection, but any pen will work on our plantable cards! For our classic white collection, I've found that the Pilot G2 Fine/07 is the smoothest and cleanest pen for legible handwriting.

What's on my wishlist for Mother's Day - A massage, time outside with my short-lived and treasured family of three and to make homemade brownies and eat them all. I'm pretty easy :)

Looking into the crystal ball of the future - Getting mom a gift on our site today? Honor her and be extra mom-like by preparing for Father's Day and graduations. Our DAD YOU RAD and CONGRADS cards and even HIGH FIVE are waiting for you.