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Anniversary cards can be given for the year after your first kiss with your guy, for the month after you and your friend vowed to give up a bad habit, or even for the moment after you fell in love. I'm always into celebrating. I hope you feel like LoweCo. cards make you feel like celebrating the little things too.

Want a blank one for yo'self? Click here

To read all about our Anniversary card, check out Anniversary Two with the Boo on our blog.

Direct Card Delivery:

  • Choose your size (3x3" Poco or 5x5" Macho)

  • Choose handwritten or script (See examples of each in our gallery)

  • Write your message (A form will appear where you can write your exact message. Derogatory messages not accepted.)

  • Where do you want us to deliver your card? (Give us the recipient's name and mailing address so we can get your card to exactly where it's intended) PRIORITY SHIPPING NOT AVAILABLE - this service is good old snail mail.

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