NEW! Bebé Collection Assorted Bundle of 4

NEW! Bebé Collection Assorted Bundle of 4

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Our NEW Bebé Collection was inspired by our Founder Catherine Giudici Lowe’s expectant status again. Created for the celebration of bringing a child into your world and designed to accompany baby gifts for the excited parents.

First come engagement announcements then comes marriage, then come the babies in all the baby carriages. For the chapter in your life that you know you’ll be attending baby shower after baby shower, this pack is to prepare. Our 100% cotton cards make a great addition to or as the only gift (words mean A LOT) for a new parent.

Available in two sizes (Poco: 3x3” folded, Macho: 5x5” flat) for your needs. Our Poco is perfecto for an adornment to the present you blessed the family with or as a gift tag, our Macho is for when you want to write a keepsake-style letter to them.

Pack comes with 1 I GOT YOU BABE, 1 YOU ARE LOVED, 1 PEEKABOO I SEE YOU, 1 MAMA YOU’RE THE BREAST. Blind-embossed messages on white 100% cotton cardstock, accompanied with special vellum envelopes.

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