NEW! LOVED - Bebé Collection

NEW! LOVED - Bebé Collection

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Our NEW Bebé Collection was inspired by our Founder Catherine Giudici Lowe’s expectant status again. Created for the celebration of bringing a child into your world and designed to accompany baby gifts for the excited parents.

Originally intended for new parents, this saying is also versatile for those going through a hard time or just needing a reminder that they are loved. No matter what the situation, everyone loves to hear they are loved. (Rachel on Friends, anyone?!)

Available in two sizes (Poco: 3x3” folded, Macho: 5x5” flat) for your needs. Our Poco is perfecto for an adornment to the present you blessed the family with or as a gift tag, our Macho is for when you want to write a keepsake-style letter to them.

‘YOU ARE LOVED’ blind-embossed on white 100% cotton cardstock, accompanied with special vellum envelope.

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