Cards That Grow - Plantable Macho Pack of 3

Cards That Grow - Plantable Macho Pack of 3




From our Cards That Grow Collection: an eco-friendly initiative featuring plantable high-end greeting cards. These plantable cards are made from paper embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds. 

After a very high demand this past Spring (they sold out!), we decided to bring back our plantable cards but only for a weekend. This weekend to be exact. Our HI., HAPPY HAPPY and IT'S A BIG DAY flat macho cards will exclusively come in packs of those three sayings so you can give them as gifts to your favorite people this holiday season. Since there are only ten, yes TEN, packs available for the rest of the year, you better snag 'em quick! (Available until Sunday, December 3rd but most likely will be gone within the hour.)


Imagine a wildflower with a sweet message right on the blooms. After you’ve shared the card with a loved one, they can plant that very card and watch it sprout into a wildflower. Think of these growable cards as a gift within a gift; a present that any nature-loving, design-appreciating person will covet every season for years to come. 


Pack of three blind embossed messages on 5x5in flat cards on seed-embedded paper; paired with a 100% recycled envelope, clear liner, and planting instructions.


Planting Instructions:

1. Saturate your card in water for 7 days.

2. Plant in fine soil 1/4" deep. Place pot in area that receives partial to full sunlight.

3. Generously water daily. Tend to them with love and watch them grow.

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