A Note from Catherine

I may not personally scream 'luxury' or 'chic' or even 'high-end', but I'm pretty positive I know how to create a product that is. I'm like the Grace Coddington of stationery, pulling together u-chic-ness out of what looks to be resourceful chaos. (If you don't know Grace Coddington, she was the Creative Director for American Vogue for 28 years and she's known for her big, fuzzy red hair and amazing photoshoots. If you DO know Grace Coddington, I'm being extremely generous with my comparison, I know it's a kind of blasphemy and I apologize.)

I shop at Buffalo Exchange, not Gucci. I get my hair cut at barber shops, not classy salons. I drive a beat-up Toyota 4Runner previously owned by my father-in-law, not a souped-up Range Rover. All this to say, you may think goofy Catherine Giudici doesn't match up perfectly to Founder and Chief Creative Officer to LoweCo. Luxury Paperie Catherine Lowe, but she does. (I do.)

I started LoweCo. because I not only love greeting cards, but I genuinely love design. And branding. And people. And love. <3 LoweCo. cards are designed with careful restraint and a cheeky play on words. 80% chic, 20% cheek. You may have a hard time seeing the product in photographs but I promise, once you get our pieces in your hands, you'll see, feel and feel the quality. LoweCo. is so my kind of minimalistic design style and I hope you can appreciate its simplicity.

I'll be taking your questions in the comments below about LoweCo. and really anything else you want to ask me. I'm a pretty open book (I'd like to think), so go for it :)

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