Our New LARGO cards are gonna be HUGE.


Frame-worthy, crowd-pleasing, statement-making cards. Our new 8x8 inch cards are meant for big groups but are perfect for a card-giver that loves leaving a great (big) impression. LoweCo. now features cheeky cards in poco (3x3” folded), macho (5x5” flat) and largo (8x8” flat) sizes — all for your different gifting needs. Our smallest size is meant to be hand-snuck, our middle size is meant for you to divulge and our now biggest size is meant to be celebrated.

Our Largo messages:

ISN’T SHE LOVELY Originally created to celebrate Mother’s Day in honor of Catherine’s mother.

HAPPY HAPPY One of our most popular sayings in all three sizes and our most popular in our seasonal Cards That Grow™ collection.

YOU’RE THE VEST I SHOES YOU This saying was of the original five messages available to LoweCo. at its inception and was inspired by Catherine’s love of fashion.

These cards are appropriate for all types of occasions but for our most popular suggested ideas, refer to our matching game below.

Our giant cards are accompanied by a giant envelope and two postage stamps if you’d like to snail mail them. (Yes, the USPS mails just about anything if you slap enough postage on it.) There is also an opportunity for you to gift this size with an acrylic, magnetic frame or a hand-decorated faux pearl white frame to truly commemorate the occasion.

“I wanted to give groups the opportunity to share in the celebration of someone special to them. Instead of getting the run-of-the-mill flashy card that the birthday boy or girl is used to, our chic and timeless Largo card is just asking to be framed and kept forever.” - Catherine Lowe

Largo cards make a lasting impression and will be cherished with the memory of all that have signed it.

Match OUR LARGO sayings on the left to a suggested occasion on the right:




  1. Bachelorette Party Keepsake

  2. Office Birthday Party

  3. Fashion Collection Launch

  4. Fashionista Birthday

  5. Mother’s Day Memento

  6. Baby Shower Keepsake

  7. Wedding Shower

  8. Anniversary Party

  9. Milestone Gift

Pass our HAPPY HAPPY Largo card around the office for a beloved coworker’s birthday. Up it even more by presenting it once signed in one of our exclusive frames. #werk

Pass our HAPPY HAPPY Largo card around the office for a beloved coworker’s birthday. Up it even more by presenting it once signed in one of our exclusive frames. #werk

Shop our Largo cards as individuals, paired with our acrylic frame or within our faux-pearl frame.

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Our limited-edition blush cards with rose-gold foil icons on Strathmore cotton stock.

Our limited-edition blush cards with rose-gold foil icons on Strathmore cotton stock.

Our Nudist Collection in all white is still all right but we are launching a new collection next week.

Get ready to blush. LoweCo. launches its all new, limited-edition Blush Collection next week in Dallas. THIS IS OUR FIRST STAB AT THE COLOR WHEEL PEOPLE. The collection will feature our signature blind-embossed messages (with a new saying to boot) and two rose-gold foil messages in icon form on our sweet 3x3in poco cards. HELLO YOU is the newest saying that rounds out our ISN’T SHE LOVELY, HAPPY HAPPY and WOOHOO options.

Our new blush stationery will be displayed for purchase with THANK YOU, Marilyn lips and text bubbles foiled in rose-gold and accompanied with self-sealed euro-flap envelopes and special stamps to make snail-mail even easier. (Stamps are included, you say?!) Each card will be 5.1875in squares (a la our macho cards and invitations) and available in sets of ten and 20.

We’d like to think Elle Woods would be slipping these notes to all her new friends in class, maybe with a little spritz of her perfume. She likes to make just as big of a statement as we do.


Are you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Join us at the Rebecca Taylor boutique in NorthPark Center from 5:30pm-7:30 next Thursday, November 1st to help us celebrate this very exciting launch. Sips and sweets will be provided and Rebecca Taylor will be offering in-store discounts as well during the event so it’s an event that you can’t miss. Shop our limited-edition blush collection and more LoweCo. giftables.

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We're Having A Baby!

Starting Thursday, May 17th, our founder Catherine Lowe will be taking maternity leave to have her second human baby. (Third baby, if you count LoweCo.) We are so grateful for your interest in our products and even more grateful for your orders, but please forgive us as your orders will be a few days delayed in shipping. We hope you understand the holdup, our only employee will be quite indisposed for a couple days :)

Thank you so much for supporting our LoweCo. family!

Catherine's LoweCo. Picks for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here and we have some last-minute gift ideas for a one stop shop. Whether your mom is near you or not, we would love to be a part of your present. Our founder, Catherine Lowe, will be a second-time mom within the next couple weeks and would love to tell you her top picks for the moms in your life.

Modern Moms feature in Modern Luxury Dallas, May 2018.

Modern Moms feature in Modern Luxury Dallas, May 2018.

For more traditional moms -  Moms are well known for being timely and prepared. Our Thank You cards Gift Set is such a sustainable gift for the mothers who are your role model for a classy display of gratitude. Now available with first-class stamps for our uniquely-sized euro-flap envelopes to make mailing your cards super easy peezy.

We also just released our very popular New Year, All Year Macho Deluxe Pack that includes our chic cards for events that happen every year so it makes it super convenient for moms. My mom always had a box of cards for any occasion ready to be shared and I always admired that about her. This pack is for her!

For more modern moms - Modern moms are all about having the most unique pieces. Our Pearl Frame with embossed print couldn't be more one-of-a-kind. Hand-adorned with faux pearls and gold details by yours truly, none of our white frames are the same. Mom can stand it up at her vanity to be reminded of your love or hang it on the enviable gallery wall in her closet. We also offer our three prints in a LoweCo. signature Acrylic Frame which is a more modern but less feminine way to hang one of our chic 100% cotton prints.

Does the mom in your life host epic parties? Our Invites make the perfect gift for her next luxurious dinner party. Featuring "COME TO MY PARTY YOU DA YOU DA GUEST" blind-embossed on the front and gold-foil sections to write in the party details, it'll make every guest want to RSVP ASAP.

For long-distance moms - Our Direct Card Delivery program is perfect for the intention of sharing the special day together with the convenience of getting her a card quickly. Let me personally scribe your message to her, all you have to do is let us know which card she'd adore and a couple other details to make it happen.

For moms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - This Saturday, I'll be at Northpark Center's Akola Project store in Dallas from 1-2pm selling cards for those last minute gifters. I'll help you choose the perfect card and gift for your mom! Also, we are just recently available in Dr. Delphinium's shop on Lovers Lane so reserve a high-end bouquet delivery and one of our coveted plantable cards.

For all moms -  Our top selling cards for sweet sentiments on our thick 100% cotton card-stock are LOVELY, HAPPY and ILY . You should read each of the descriptions to see where my inspiration came from :)

All moms know what they like but not all people that are giving to said moms know what to get. How about a Gift Card so they can get our stationery when it launches this Fall or anything that's available right now on our site? Sounds like a stellar and fool-proof plan.


+ PLUS +

Ideas on what to write inside so the card is all you need for a gift - "Mom, let's do lunch on me. I love you so very very. Happy Mother's Day!" "You're the best mommy, I wanna treat you as much as you've treated me. Tell me when you can fit in a spa day and I'll make it happen." "Happy Mother's Day! You're such a great mom, you deserve it all. You really do. But would you settle for a facial? I love you!"

Best pens to write on our cards - Soy ink is best for our Cards That Grow collection, but any pen will work on our plantable cards! For our classic white collection, I've found that the Pilot G2 Fine/07 is the smoothest and cleanest pen for legible handwriting.

What's on my wishlist for Mother's Day - A massage, time outside with my short-lived and treasured family of three and to make homemade brownies and eat them all. I'm pretty easy :)

Looking into the crystal ball of the future - Getting mom a gift on our site today? Honor her and be extra mom-like by preparing for Father's Day and graduations. Our DAD YOU RAD and CONGRADS cards and even HIGH FIVE are waiting for you.



Lose Weight Blah Blah Blah

We know, we know, with this new year you've vowed to eat better and move more. But on your list is probably 'save more money', are we right? Well, we want to help you reach your goal and even do a bit more for ya. 

Our New Year, All Year Macho Pack features 12 macho size cards, 12 corresponding opaque envelopes and 12 stamps.

Our New Year, All Year Macho Pack features 12 macho size cards, 12 corresponding opaque envelopes and 12 stamps.

Our new New Year, All Year Packs (in Standard and Deluxe) solve your problem all year of being unprepared for special occasions. We've all been there, "Shoot! It's so-and-so's birthday and we totally forgot to get her anything! Swing by CVS so we can pick her up at least a card." What if you already had a beautiful card in your possession that made it seem like it was meant for her since the day after her last birthday? We want your loved ones to feel that special. No rushing, no sub-par cards, no adding "belated" to the message.


"My mom used to have this box of cards for any type of occasion ranging from condolences to congratulations that she used to delicately and intentionally rifle through. These packs are inspired by her. She would always be very timely and thoughtful when a message should be communicated and every year I vow to be more like her. Here's to you, Marms!"
- Catherine Lowe


And maybe more importantly, our New Year, All Year Packs also save you moolah. Our Standard Pack is $35 less than if you were to buy the 12 stunning cards and stamps individually and our Deluxe saves you $54. This all sounds so amazing, right? Well, with one click of a button, you could make your resolutions to be more prepared and organized come true. And heck, this could begin a whole new Grown-up You who always seems to have it together.

Oh, and for all those of you who want to be better to the environment, we snuck in one (or two, in our Deluxe Pack) of our coveted Cards That Grow cards. Unavailable otherwise before we launch the initiative again in Spring, our packs are the only way to get a plantable card for months.

We also kept to our resolution to make our products more convenient for our customers and included a special stamp for each of your uniquely shaped cards in our Packs. A traditional first-class envelope requires $0.49 and a trip to the post office, but we included a $0.70 stamp for square envelopes and you don't need to bother with USPS at all - saving you time and energy. We want to be a part of why your 2018 really is becoming the best year yet. 


Have other resolutions? 

To make your house prettier : Shop our prints & frames

To be more intentional : Check out our Direct Card Delivery program

To be more gracious : Stock up on our Thank You Cards



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The much-anticipated and high-anxiety season is already here. We would love to help solve some of your gift shopping problems by showing you pieces for everyone on your list. 


N E W  NAUGHTY NICE  -  Our classic 100% cotton card in both poco and macho sizes, blind-embossed with NAUGHTY NICE and boxes to check which the recipient has been this year. Call yourself Santa and place your handwritten note on their gift under the tree. 

N E W   HAPPY HAPPY  -  LoweCo. wants to celebrate every occasion with you 100% cotton card in both poco and macho sizes, blind-embossed with HAPPY HAPPY on the front of each card. Stock up on these new cards; there's always something and someone to spread your happiness to, all year long.


Gift Tags  -  Our gorgeous gift tags sold out last year. Don't let it happen to you this time around. Gold foil-stamped TO and FROM on 100% cotton cardstock with gilded ribbon loop. Sold in packs of five.

Invites  -  Double-sided embossed and gold foil-stamped invitations on thick 100% cotton cardstock for any dinner party, intimate holiday gathering, event for the Christmas season and beyond.


N E W  &  L I M I T E D    Pearl Frame with LoweCo. Print  -   Hand-placed faux pearls and gold ornaments in assorted sizes by Catherine Lowe adorn a white square frame with one of our three 8x8" blind-embossed prints. Each of our pearl frames is limited and one-of-a-kind which makes them the perfect gift for a coveted friend or for yourself. 


N E W  &  L I M I T E D     Acrylic Frame with LoweCo. Print  -   For the functional minimalist who appreciates beautiful things. Our acrylic frame was custom designed by Catherine Lowe to house our pretty prints. Each brass stud was hand-placed by Catherine herself to add even more sophistication and class to the already chic frame. This open-faced frame allows our blind-embossed messages to create the shadows and depth they deserve. Available with a magnetic closure and sawtooth hook to hang on your chosen wall.

MARY HAD A LITTLE BABY JESUS  -  Catherine's personal favorite - it makes her giggle every time! -  will be a favorite to all those that receive it and a sweet reminder as to why this season is so special. 

NUTMEG: A SEASONAL GREETING  -  For all those who enjoy baking or baked goods (aka everyone), our cutesy spice card does the trick. "Seasons Greetings" is so 10 years ago!

MISTLETOE ME   -  Christmas can be a kissable holiday with the right person - and with the perfect nudge. Wink at your bough with the help of our flirty card.


Holiday Pack  -   The classic three pack of holiday cards for all your gifting needs. Includes BABY JESUS, NUTMEG and MISTLETOE in your choice of size (poco or macho).

Gift Set  -  A chic and useful addition to any desk or home office. Have a friend who is gifted at writing timely Thank You Cards? Have a relative who loves to say "hi" and let you know what they're up to at all the time? Our gift set allows those loved ones to share their passion through our high-end cards they can use as stationery. Twenty assorted cards, corresponding envelopes and a special acrylic box to house them. The gift that truly keeps on giving.

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Tips for Up-ing Your Website Game

Hello LoweCo readers! I’m Emily Wells, the gal behind the LoweCo. website design. I am so excited to be popping in today with some of my favorite website and SquareSpace tips! I am really passionate about helping small business owners gain clarity, confidence, and success in their business, and I do that by helping them build a strong brand, which of course, includes the website! I understand that it can be a daunting task to build and even update your website, so, here’s 3 easy tips that you can use today to up-level your website and turn browsers into buyers.

Desktop Stock Photo-1.jpg

1. Make it a home run… on your home page.

You have about 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention and keep them on your website. While that may initially sounds scary, it's ok because with the right tools, you can capture their attention and keep them scrollin’ scrollin'. Your home page should immediately give your visitors a few things. 


1. Quickly show or tell visitors what you do.

If you are a service based business, at the top of your home page, you should say exactly what you do right off the bat. If you are a product based business, show them the goods right away, and get them as close as you can to the “shopping cart” as quickly as possible. While they may not purchase immediately, it will get them used to how it all works by the they are ready to hit "Add to Cart". 

2. Show your beautiful face.

Come on now, don’t be shy! Whether you are product or serviced based, potential buyers connect so much with the people and story behind a brand. Show them your pretty face and they’ll automatically want to know more! It doesn't have to be a professional headshot. It can be fun or serious, looking at the camera or looking away. Whatever is on brand for you, boo!

3. Give them quick access (through links) to the most important areas of your site.

That may sound like a lot of information to fit into a small space, but you can showcase it beautifully in a few different ways. Have a slideshow at the top of your page, have a gallery grid with quick links to each area of your site, or do a magazine type layout with several pages stacked on top of each other. 

Squarespace tip:
Use Index pages to create long, scrolling pages, with beautiful imagery and different sections. Index pages can be found on most of the new Squarespace templates. We did this throughout Catherine’s website to really draw users in and keep them on each page. Index pages are great for mobile devices too, because it's easier to keep scrolling on one page, rather than switching to lots of different pages. You can break up each section using images, or even add in a color block for variation. We used images all throughout Catherine's site, and used a color block on the "Haute off the Press" section.

2. Beef up your About page

Did you know that other than home page, your about page is the most viewed page? Your customers want to see your beautiful face and get to know what your brand is all about! Use this page to let visitors know about your services or product , but also really let them in on you personally. Share your story, why you're passionate about what you do, and even your history (like we did on this website!). Don’t be afraid to be funny, deep, quirky, emotional, etc. Be you!


Squarespace tip:
You can make your pages fun and interactive by adding in different sections that your visitors can enjoy. Consider adding a scrolling image gallery (a Carousel Gallery in SquareSpace), or even a slideshow that shows fun facts about you instead of images. Within SquareSpace you can even add in your instagram feed, maps to your location, and detailed forms that you can use to gather important customer information, or even for a fun “quiz” your visitors could take. 

3. Good Photography is Key

A website is only as beautiful as the photography! You can have the most gorgeous layout and typography, but if the photos aren’t up to par, the website will fall behind. A great idea is to set up a brand photoshoot with a professional photographer, or even set aside a day to shoot some photos yourself. Make sure that all of the colors in your clothing, props, backgrounds, etc. are consistent with your brand and the feel you want for your website. Consider also the layout of your website. For instance, a lot of sites (like this one!) use horizontal banner images at the tops of the pages, so your photos would need to be horizontal. Check out my article here for more tips on how to prepare for a brand photoshoot! 


Squarespace tip: 
You can easily change the focal point of your image with a quick move of a button in Squarespace. This is especially important when viewing on mobile. This keeps heads from being cut off, or your most important elements from being left behind when someone is taking a scroll through your website. All you have to do is hover over the image to reveal a small circle, that you can then move to whatever part of the image you want to focus on.


If you are ready to give your brand or website a refresh, I would love to hear from you! You can find me at or on instagram @emilywellsdesign. In my small corners of the internet, you’ll see my designs, and hopefully get inspired with helpful tips, blog articles, and free downloads. All of which you can access today to gain more clarity and confidence in your brand. I’m cheering for you!

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Send 'em straight with Direct Card Delivery

Direct Card Delivery: our new and extremely convenient program just for you. Handwritten LoweCo. cards with your messages to make your recipient will feel the Lowe in more ways than one. 

Direct Card Delivery is here. Who doesn't love to receive a good (beautiful) card in the mail? We can make that feeling come true for your chosen few and you won't even have to lift a finger, boo.

The effort that is put into mailing a card is obvious. You chose the card with intent, you chose the right pen for the type of paper your card was made with, you wrote a heartfelt message that was carefully crafted, you got their mailing address, you bought a stamp, you went to the post office to mail it. All of those steps still apply with our new Direct Card Delivery program, except it's all in one swift step. And you don't have to get out of your PJs - or even your bed - to do it. 

Just like any delivery service for flowers (but even more luxury), we will extend your exact letter where you want it to go. Type what you want your friend, loved one, relative to read and we'll make sure that's what they read.

And you don’t have to get out of your PJs - or even your bed - to do it. 

Let's say you want to give someone a LoweCo. card but you only have 4 days until their birthday. You don't live in the vicinity of a boutique that sells our cards and you don't want to wait for the 2-day shipping plus the USPS unknown-time-frame that is ground shipping. We want to help. Well, specifically, Catherine Lowe wants to help and in exchange, she'd love to get carpal tunnel. In order for us to spread the Lowe, we've gotta get to spreading. Catherine Lowe will write each of your messages to whomever you deem deserving of a LoweCo. card.

Pocos are Catherine Lowe's signature size, reminiscent of her days courting Sean on The Bachelor. Want a poco with a little note? Catherine will scribe your short and sweet message and mail it in a macho envelope.

Pocos are Catherine Lowe's signature size, reminiscent of her days courting Sean on The Bachelor. Want a poco with a little note? Catherine will scribe your short and sweet message and mail it in a macho envelope.

How to order your very own LoweCo. card to be directly delivered:

1. Click the "DIRECT CARD DELIVERY" tab

2. Choose the card you want for each person you want to send to (incl. size and saying)

3. Type your message - Catherine Lowe will be the one to write everything exactly as you type it (please no derogatory messages though!)

4. Enter the mailing address you want it to be delivered

5. Wait for your loved one to be delighted by it all


All of our cards are available for Direct Card Delivery which means the opportunities, events that warrant a card and recipients are endless. With LoweCo.'s new Direct Card Delivery, the mailbox is making a comeback.

Catherine LoweComment
LoweCo. is Loco for CLowe

Lately, I've been thinking about LoweCo. and how I see it from your perspective. Initially, I didn't want my face to be a huge part of the brand because I knew the quality of its products were sound and I wanted it to succeed by that merit alone. Then I realized that my story and I are a huge part of the brand innately since the inspiration came from how Sean and I got to know each other. I saw other business owners that started out in the public eye - Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Bethenny Frankel, among the many - and I realized that our passions make the brand more relatable. Now, I've decided to take LoweCo. in a direction that I'm proud to say I'll be more the face of and with your help, my little stationery company can be a luxury lifestyle brand that you'll love to support.

A week or so ago, I reached out to the followers of LoweCo.'s Instagram account (if you aren't following, you should!) and asked them to ask me questions that they were curious about. Questions about the brand, personal questions, questions that made me uncomfortable (SEAN LOWE WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME SUCH A QUESTION PUBLICLY THAT I HAVE TO ANSWER)

Here are my responses. Enjoy :)


Here's the final product and me for the first real evidence of LoweCo.'s existence.

Here's the final product and me for the first real evidence of LoweCo.'s existence.

LoweCo. Business - Conception


Q: Have you always wanted to start a business of your own? What was the driving passion behind starting something from scratch?

A: I never ever ever thought of myself as a business owner, probably because I'm not the most responsible or organized human so being an "entrepreneur" is kind of laughable to my former self. I just knew I loved design, the concept of creative freedom and marketing planning, but the rest was very daunting.

Dallas has a lot of reputable and desirable places to work (Neiman-Marcus, Fossil, advertising agencies - to name a few) and after trying to go that route and taking interviews, I decided that since it wouldn't be too long until when Sean and I wanted to start a family, it wouldn't be fair to an employer to train me and then have me leave soon after to raise my child. So, I determined that LoweCo. would be the most flexible and reasonable way to go. And Sean is a business-mind so I'd always have someone to help me on the pieces I was naturally lacking. Hindsight, starting a company while pregnant was incredibly stupid. You live, you learn!

Q: How did you take LoweCo. from idea to action? What advice do you have to other aspiring creators and entrepreneurs trying to find their thing or move their side hustle forward?

A: I'm not the most decisive person and since this is my first solo business venture, it took a lot of toe dips in the water before the big leap. I had to have a product (which includes vendors and materials), a brand and a site to start for real. As long as you have a passion, goals and a to-do list, anyone can get anything going. Oh, and grace for yourself and the inevitable bumps in the road. "How I Built This" is a great podcast for those who are thinking about starting something; so many great tips and ways to get where you want to go. (Side note: Patagonia's Owner resonated the most with my personal business style!)

Q: How did you find the printing company for your sweet cards?

A: Since I hadn't worked in Dallas before, I didn't have many friends in the industry that I could ask for business references. But after networking and meeting young entrepreneurs through local events and through friends, I was taken under the wing of Chelsea Carpenter of Southern Fried Paper. The pieces her company creates are beautiful and creative and although I wasn't planning to be in her exact segment of the market, I was still hesitant to ask her advice or for her manufacturers. I called her and said "please please excuse me if I'm stepping over the line and I'm so sorry if I'm doing this all wrong, but can you tell me who you work with in the city?" I was really worried this would ruin our relationship and friendship, and after holding my breath waiting for the answer, she said, "Girl, don't apologize. Us girls got to stick together." And then she told me her vendors and their contact information. I couldn't believe it. Girl power at its best. I owe my business to her. And now, anytime someone asks me about where to get their wedding invitations or anything they specialize in, I direct them to Southern Fried Paper. Check them out, they're amazing :) 


LoweCo. Business - Current


Q: What do you love most about LoweCo.?

A: I love the freedom of creativity that I have with LoweCo. Since it's my business, I can decide which products and sayings I introduce and to whom I sell them. It's the best type of challenge and even though it's incredibly hard sometimes to be a grown up, it's nice to know I'm being pushed to do things I don't want to do (ex. financial stuff, legal stuff, organization) so I can truly see my potential.

Personification of our YOUR TUSH IS THE ONLY ONE I WANNA SQUISH card.

Personification of our YOUR TUSH IS THE ONLY ONE I WANNA SQUISH card.

Q: What is your favorite LoweCo. card/phrase?

A: That's like asking your favorite child...I have a special place for TUSH and AGAIN/ANNIV because they each make me giggle when I read them aloud but our Cards That Grow are my bestie bests. I mean, plantable cards?! YES.

Q: How do you come up with the captions of the cards? Would you consider making a competition with your followers to see who could come up with a new caption for a card?

A: When I'm feeling extra witty, I sit down and write down all my ideas and I don't filter a thing. I then categorize the best sayings into occasions and see which occasion is lacking and focus more on that sentiment. I also keep a running note on my iPhone of fun ideas for captions or whatever when I'm inspired in daily life.

A competition would be a great idea! I would love to see what our followers come up with and I will definitely start thinking about how to implement that into our calendar. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

LoweCo. Gift Set - featuring our THANKS, YOU macho cards in its acrylic keepsake box

LoweCo. Gift Set - featuring our THANKS, YOU macho cards in its acrylic keepsake box

Q: Do you partner with non-profits?

A: I've worked with a couple of 'for charity' organizations and donated products to many groups that request them, so I guess that answer is yes!

Q: Do you have a team of people helping design or are you doing it all on your own?

A: I've been in business for a year and half and this past month has been the first time I've had help in the designing department. I have three summer interns and two of them are graphic design-focused. I am still the Creative Director, but I'm delegating some of the design tasks to two young ladies :)


Photography by Jennefer Wilson

Photography by Jennefer Wilson

LoweCo. Business - Future


Q: Do you want to expand your LoweCo. brand to other things besides stationery? Will planners be incorporated? Bookmarks?

A: We are planning to expand our offerings very soon to home goods, other paper items and other gift-related products. In early 2018, the first phase of our home-centric CASA Collection will be launched and will (potentially) include luxury candles, coasters and limited quantity art pieces on canvas. I am also hoping to incorporate gourmet food items to our range of products! Once everything is solidified, you all will be the first to know what's coming up next :)

As for planners and bookmarks, I'm not sure that is in the near future but I'll never rule anything out!

Q: Do you want to add color into the cards in the future?

A: The lack of color has been the signature for our brand and as much as I completely adore the white monochromatic textured concept, I have been trying to find the most appropriate and unique way to incorporate color. It will happen eventually! Stay tuned!

Q: What is your ultimate goal of where you want the LoweCo. brand to go?

A: My ultimate goal is that LoweCo. becomes a luxury lifestyle brand that is known globally. WOW THAT SOUNDS SERIOUS AND DAUNTING BUT I LIKE IT

Homemade croutons by Bon Appetit Magazine

Homemade croutons by Bon Appetit Magazine

Q: Are you able to tell us about any exciting new developments in expanding the brand?

A: I've leaked our CASA Collection but one thing that I'm reeeeeeally excited about eventually is gourmet croutons. It'll make sense, I promise. Oh, and they'll be DELICIOUS.

Q: Will you be having a pop-up in the near future in Manhattan or elsewhere?

A: I haven't planned a pop-up anytime soon but I am always interested in meeting and seeing people that are fans of LoweCo.! I was in discussion with a well-known Manhattan retail shop and if it comes to fruition in NY or anywhere else, believe you me, we will announce it! :)

Q: Have you ever thought about putting a store in California?

A: I started LoweCo. with the hopes that it would allow me to balance raising my family and working at my own pace. Opening a storefront would definitely take a lot more time, resources and energy away from my newly growing family so I haven't thought about that avenue yet. But I never say never!




Q: Why are you so attractive?

A: Why, Sean Lowe. Why.

Proving that you gotta do what you gotta do. Be glad I didn't include the same photo but with him breastfeeding :)

Proving that you gotta do what you gotta do. Be glad I didn't include the same photo but with him breastfeeding :)

Q: How do you manage being a business owner, mom and wife?

A: Not easily. After a year of riding the strugglebus around many towns, I have figured out how to prioritize my to-do lists and give myself grace when I fail. I have also tried to balance all of my roles by asking for help. There's no shame in delegating!

Q: Are you thinking of adopting any kids?

A: Sean and I are both planning to adopt children and we cannot wait until God blesses us with the opportunity to parent more biological and adopted children!

Q: How do you keep your hair healthy?

A: I honestly don't wash it all that often (2.5 times a week), drink water constantly, take my vitamins and thank my genetics! 

Q: How has being a mother changed your life?

A: How has it NOT changed my life?! Being a mother has been so special, challenging, delightful, emotionally-draining, time-consuming and fulfilling. My life has turned upside-down and I am a better person for it. I daily attempt to be more patient and selfless and mature. Attempt is the operative word.

Just weeks away from meeting Samuel and repping LoweCo. at a Dallas fashion show

Just weeks away from meeting Samuel and repping LoweCo. at a Dallas fashion show

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With Lowe,

Catherine :)

LoweCo. Wedding Collection
Our Wedding Collection offers "something new." We wanted to make this collection extra special, so we are highlighting our signature sweet and sassy messages with rose-gold foil. Image art by Magdiel Lopez.

Our Wedding Collection offers "something new." We wanted to make this collection extra special, so we are highlighting our signature sweet and sassy messages with rose-gold foil. Image art by Magdiel Lopez.

Our Wedding Collection was inspired by two things: our customers and our creator. Awhile back, we took a twitter poll (if you aren't following us, you should - @loweco_) and asked what you were looking forward to us releasing. Wedding was by far the favorite. Even further back, our founder Catherine Lowe - Catherine Giudici at the time - was designing the wedding invitations for her nuptials to Sean Lowe. She had so much fun in fact, that it was the last seed planted in her mind to create more paper goods that were chic with an edge. LoweCo. wasn't soon created, but it was nonetheless inspired by this entree on her bride plate.

We absolutely adore our classic blind-embossed cards that make up the entirety of our LoweCo. pieces, but we wanted to give our brides something new. This wedding collection will consist of cards that are adorned with rose-gold foil. ("And the crowd goes wild!") With pieces for the bride to give to her gals, the couple to give to their guests and your guests to give to the couple, we cover just about everything short of the invitations.


Bridesmaid Cards 

We know the girls that will stand by your side on your big day are special. We know that the moment you ask them to be your Bridesmaid or the coveted spot of Maid of Honor is a moment to remember. And we know that they will keep that card you present them with forever. These cards are really what came first when we decided to create this Wedding Collection. 

'YOU MAID IT'  and  'GOT THE GUY, BE MY GIRL?' blind-embossed with rose-gold foil logo on the back of the folded 3x3" card, available as a single card and in packs of three.

Save The Date Card

LoweCo. thinks of your Save The Dates as an extension of your event itself. What do you want your guests to first see? A chic, inviting, frame-worthy card that each person will want to put on their fridge for months? Well, that's exactly what we have for you.

'SAVE THE DATE, PRETTY PLEASE' embossed with rose-gold-foil with lines to fill in with your 'WHAT / WHEN / WHERE' of the big day. Flat, 5.1875x5.1875" message on heavy cardstock, available in packs of 24 accompanied with opaque white euro-flap envelopes and extra postage for the unique size.

Congratulations Card

In the age of wedding registries that ship the chosen gift to the couple's doorstep, our pieces are always begging to be a part of a more intimate exchange. We implore you to order your gift ahead of time, have it shipped to you and personally wrap and deliver it. Our card will ensure that the bride and the groom remember what you gave them (even though they chose it) and will have a sweet memory of respite amongst the chaos of their newlywed-dom.

'WINNER WINNER FOREVER INDECISIVE DINNERS' blind-embossed with rose-gold foil logo on the back of the folded 3x3" card, available as a single card accompanied with a glama-envelope.

Thank You Card

As someone who easily had a bout of carpal tunnel from writing thank you cards after her wedding, I wanted to design something that was pretty to look at and a good size to write a little or a lot. (After 20 or so, you won't be taking the former for granted.) In addition to making your gratitude obvious, these TY cards make the statement: "I'm grown sexy, or at least attempting to be in this moment."

'WE SAID 'I DO' NOW WE SAY 'THANK YOU'' embossed with rose-gold-foil and free space to write your message. Flat, 5.1875x5.1875" on heavy cardstock, available in packs of 24 accompanied with opaque white euro-flap envelopes and extra postage for the unique size.


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