The much-anticipated and high-anxiety season is already here. We would love to help solve some of your gift shopping problems by showing you pieces for everyone on your list. 


N E W  NAUGHTY NICE  -  Our classic 100% cotton card in both poco and macho sizes, blind-embossed with NAUGHTY NICE and boxes to check which the recipient has been this year. Call yourself Santa and place your handwritten note on their gift under the tree. 

N E W   HAPPY HAPPY  -  LoweCo. wants to celebrate every occasion with you 100% cotton card in both poco and macho sizes, blind-embossed with HAPPY HAPPY on the front of each card. Stock up on these new cards; there's always something and someone to spread your happiness to, all year long.


Gift Tags  -  Our gorgeous gift tags sold out last year. Don't let it happen to you this time around. Gold foil-stamped TO and FROM on 100% cotton cardstock with gilded ribbon loop. Sold in packs of five.

Invites  -  Double-sided embossed and gold foil-stamped invitations on thick 100% cotton cardstock for any dinner party, intimate holiday gathering, event for the Christmas season and beyond.


N E W  &  L I M I T E D    Pearl Frame with LoweCo. Print  -   Hand-placed faux pearls and gold ornaments in assorted sizes by Catherine Lowe adorn a white square frame with one of our three 8x8" blind-embossed prints. Each of our pearl frames is limited and one-of-a-kind which makes them the perfect gift for a coveted friend or for yourself. 


N E W  &  L I M I T E D     Acrylic Frame with LoweCo. Print  -   For the functional minimalist who appreciates beautiful things. Our acrylic frame was custom designed by Catherine Lowe to house our pretty prints. Each brass stud was hand-placed by Catherine herself to add even more sophistication and class to the already chic frame. This open-faced frame allows our blind-embossed messages to create the shadows and depth they deserve. Available with a magnetic closure and sawtooth hook to hang on your chosen wall.

MARY HAD A LITTLE BABY JESUS  -  Catherine's personal favorite - it makes her giggle every time! -  will be a favorite to all those that receive it and a sweet reminder as to why this season is so special. 

NUTMEG: A SEASONAL GREETING  -  For all those who enjoy baking or baked goods (aka everyone), our cutesy spice card does the trick. "Seasons Greetings" is so 10 years ago!

MISTLETOE ME   -  Christmas can be a kissable holiday with the right person - and with the perfect nudge. Wink at your bough with the help of our flirty card.


Holiday Pack  -   The classic three pack of holiday cards for all your gifting needs. Includes BABY JESUS, NUTMEG and MISTLETOE in your choice of size (poco or macho).

Gift Set  -  A chic and useful addition to any desk or home office. Have a friend who is gifted at writing timely Thank You Cards? Have a relative who loves to say "hi" and let you know what they're up to at all the time? Our gift set allows those loved ones to share their passion through our high-end cards they can use as stationery. Twenty assorted cards, corresponding envelopes and a special acrylic box to house them. The gift that truly keeps on giving.

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