Here's The LoweDown

Big things are coming soon for LoweCo. and we want you to be good and ready...


LoweCo. and The Divine Addiction have paired up to bring you a special piece with 20% of the proceeds going to the charity of your choice. We are not only excited about the philanthropic aspect of this endeavor, but we also can't wait to show you the darling new products! The "Thank You Darling" cards, packs and gift sets will be available on The Charity Market for a limited time. We'll be including more details about this exciting collaboration in an upcoming blog post. And if you're following us on IG (@lowe_co) or Twitter (@loweco_), we'll be posting a sneak peek of the cards this weekend. Oh and if you're not, come on.


We are soooo ready to reach the masses! And since 98.7% (made that percentage up) don't live in the areas we currently sell out of, we think you'll like this change. Soon, you'll be able to order our products right here at Not only will it be the selection you've already seen on our posts, there'll be even more to look forward to getting your cute little paws on. So until then, work on your calligraphy and cultivate more relationships so you have a big ole field of people you can spoil with our LoweCo. cards! Don't think you'll miss when we launch, we'll make sure everyone knows the date :)


Mother's Day is coming up and not only is our fearless leader Catherine Lowe a momma-to-be, but she also thinks that mothers need to be honored both on Mother's Day (duh) and on all of our birthdays. For Mother's Day, our cards will be available with a sweet gift attached to it. Or rather, the other way around. Chocolates, flowers and possibly more Mother's Day friendly ideas will come with a sweet card for yo momma. Also, we are planning to throw an event for moms and dads in Dallas so you can get ahead of the game. PS. You'll be able to get a Father's Day card too. Word to your motha.

Keep checking our blog, Twitter and IG for updates on these exciting things to come!

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